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Love you pumpkin

Love you pumpkin

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Tell them you love them! Even when you're not around.

I have gotten so much feedback from buyers about this pumpkin, my customers love that they can give their child a little reminder that they can put practically anywhere.

Remind your loved one about how you feel, and in a way that they can be reminded of it every day, without being intrusive. Like a whisper.

The cutest little message pumpkin you will ever see. Perfect for a special someone that you cherish in your life. Handmade by me, and then stamped with words. It is totally handmade from start to finish by me. I have painted and finished it off with a coat of high quality clear varnish.

Each pumpkin is about 1 1/4" high x 2" wide and weighs about 3 ounces. 


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