5 Easy Steps to Style a Beautiful Tiered Tray for Fall

5 Easy Steps to Style a Beautiful Tiered Tray for Fall

Hello Peeps!
It's hot out there! The weather still hasn’t begun to signal it’s time for hot apple cider and bonfires. I haven't even harvested all of my zucchini from my garden! And although pumpkin lattes might be already available at your fav coffee shop, we still have some time before cooler weather arrives.
So to put us in the mood for a little bit of Autumn loveliness and fall vibes, let's gather some supplies for assembling a gorgeous tiered tray! We can display this for a few months before we are invaded by Christmas. Let's get started! 
1. Begin with your tiered tray. I got mine from Hobby Lobby and it's only 2 levels, but you can certainly go three, but I wanted to keep mine simple, so it's 2. I begin by placing 2 vintage softcover novels (from the thrift shop!) on the bottom tier. I think in some of the pics there is only 1 book but I decided later I wanted 2 for a little more height. I ripped the covers and the spine off it and rumpled the pages a bit to give it an aged look.

2. Next, add some height to the top by adding something tall: in this case I added a faux little plant. You could use a candle, but keep it off center from where you think the viewing point will likely be.
3. Next get 2 - 3 decorative items that you like and place them randomly with spaces in between them. Here I went with candles and a cute little yellow pitcher with a bee on it. You could go with small faux pumpkins and gourds. Those tiny little signs with feel-good text on them. 
4. Next, get some beautiful artificial foliage. I went with flowers and leaves that I snagged from Hobby Lobby, but this stuff is available pretty much anywhere. Go with whatever colors appeal to you and match your decor. Traditional fall colors are most appealing, but you can even go with pinks and oranges! Cut the stems down if you need to (I did!) and tuck the flowers and leaves in the back and sides of the tiers, in and around your other items. Try to keep the florals tightly packed, it looks better than being able to see little gaps. 
5. You may be wondering, well what's going on top of the book stack? In this case I chose some sweet pumpkins that read "give thanks" since this will for sure be displayed for Thanksgiving. Aren't they cute? You can get them here:

Lastly, we all love nice-smelling things, so I tucked some cinnamon sticks and some star anise around these red mom apples too. I hope you've enjoyed this little tutorial and that it has inspired you to build your own tiered tray with all your favorite Autumn things. Bring on fall! 

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